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Let’s Orient

Informative interview with J Street head honcho Jeremy ben Ami.

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Follow-Up: J Street Two State Summer Day of Action: 8.23.11

Reinforcing yesterday’s statement of support for J Street’s Two State Summer Day of Action, we bring you the following multiple choice test.

Please choose the answer that best completes the sentence: Bringing a peaceful resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict...

  1. Is within reach
  2. Requires interfaith cooperation, and is not an exclusive Jewish, Christian, Muslim, or secular issue
  3. Must be framed not as a partisan party stance, but as a platform for peace, progress, and pluralism
  4. All of the above

But don’t take my word for it.  The following represents Jews from J Street and Christians from Christians for Peace and Justice in the Middle East, meeting outside the offices of a certain muslim elected official.

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Twitter: @JStreetIndy

J Street Day of Action, August 23rd, 2011

We call ourselves the Indianapolis Interfaith Conversation Network, and this name implies a few defining points: We are interfaith advocates, we engage in conversation, implying dialogue, and we affirm there is more we can achieve in partnership, i.e. network, than we can within isolation.

Today is the culmination of a J Street campaign, Two State Summer, manifest in a Day of Action.  A network of J Street local chapters across the country will engage in conversation with elected officials, Jewish clergy, and community members across the country.  The J Street position is simple to articulate but challenging to implement:  A secure, democratic Israel peacefully existing alongside a sovereign Palestinian state.

J Street represents Americans, primarily but not exclusively Jewish, who are committed to relationships across cultures, peaceful dialogue, and grassroots cooperation with state and federal officials to achieve its objectives.  These tactics are clearly aligned with the Indianapolis Interfaith Conversation Network.  Our members represent a spectrum of faiths.  Although there is not an official partnership forged between our organizations, we encourage our community to explore the Israeli-Palestinian conflict:  For our Jewish members, this is a confrontation of our faith and identity; for our non-Jewish members this is an opportunity to support broader regional peace within the Mid East.

Resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is not a partisan political issue, it is a human rights issue.  The two-state solution proposed by J Street is in keeping with plans proposed by Presidents Clinton, Bush, and Obama.

Please take a moment today to learn about the issue and explore opportunities to get involved.

J Street, Indianapolis.