God in the Box: Opportunity to Q&A with a Heartland Official Selection

This year at Heartland Film Fest hundreds will come together for screenings of God in the Box (trailer).  A documentary film that, “explore[s] our diverse and unique views, together as a community, no matter your beliefs or faith or lack of belief.” (from God in the Box press release):

“The film chronicles the journey of a curious Box that pops up on street corners, where people step inside and share drawings and testimonials illustrating their private views of God. Theologians, historians and a mythologist join us on the journey to understand why we see God the way we do in the 21st century.”

Sound familiar?  Sounds a lot like us, huh?  That’s why we’re proud to announce a partnership between Indy Interfaith Conversation Network and God in the Box with partner organizations Lockerbie Central UMC and the Earth House Collective.

Join us on Sunday, October 16th, 6pm at Lockerbie Central’s progressive approach to Christian worship followed by clips of the film and a live Q&A session with the film’s production crew.  Then come out to one of three screenings for Heartland on October 17th, 18th, or 22nd.

Stay tuned for additional opportunities to connect with God in the Box crew and engage with us, the Indy Conversation Network, doing what we do best:  Conversation.


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