September 11th: Interfaith Prayer Service & Volunteering at Gleaners

The Indianapolis Interfaith Conversation Network is proud to be one of many sponsors supporting the September 11th Interfaith Prayer Service & Volunteer Opportunity to be held at Gleaners Food Bank the afternoon of 9.11.2011, beginning with a reception at 2:30pm, followed by prayer service and story telling from many faith traditions, and closing with a volunteer opportunity.

The experience is brought to life by the special efforts of Gleaners Food Bank, Interfaith Hunger Initiative, and The Worship Studio.  From the Interfaith Hunger Initiative release:

The experience will give all participants the opportunity to explore the themes of Enormity and Abundance . . . the enormity of the 9/11 tragedy and the abundance of humanity and selflessness we witnessed in its aftermath . . .  the enormity of the problem of hunger in contrast to our abundance of food, resources and generosity . . . and the enormity of ignorance and intolerance countered by the abundance of people from different traditions or no faith tradition willing to work together to make a difference and live in peace.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Please visit our How to Get Involved page if you would like to specifically support the Indy Interfaith Conversation Network on this important day.

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